Windows 8

How to upgrade your Windows 8 to 8.1 free

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Few days back, we had shared details regarding Windows 8.1 – The latest Operating System from Microsoft and we had also mentioned that the OS will be released quite soon (it’s already released now) finally, after long time, Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 for public. It’s the half of the story! Good news is that,…

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Things you should know about Windows 8.1 and it’s Editions

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Windows 8 was almost a failure! Even though some of you – Yes, Microsoft Fan Boys – will not be having courage to accept the statement, you should do so because it is the first time when Microsoft is about to release a sub-version of their operating system. Obviously, we are talking about Windows 8.1,…

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How to edit context menu in Windows 8


Just like all other popular operating systems, Microsoft Windows 8 is also having a context menu in its UI, using which you can access various options quickly such as opening the file with a specific program, copying, cutting, deleting and properties etc. Because of this fact, you can observe that majority of programs are stuffing…

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Get the Most From Touchscreen Options in Windows 8


Anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet will be used to the idea of interacting with devices using a touchscreen. For users of Windows, however, it is something of a novelty. Touchscreen interaction has been supported in Windows for a while, but it is only since the release of the Surface RT and Surface Pro…

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How to close Metro Style Apps in Windows 8

Rather than a usual release of an operating system, Windows 8 was something like an explosion to the traditionally used user interfaces. Of course, we are talking about Metro User Interface, because of which Windows 8 has become much viral, especially due to the absence of commonly used Start menu of Windows operating systems. Though…

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What the Windows 8 Update Means For You

Windows 8 is the new Operating System on the scene. Everyone’s heard of it, though those reviews have ranged from saying it’s atrocious to absolutely fantastic. As each day goes by more and more people upgrade to use it. Whether you’re choosing to upgrade your old laptop or PC or the one you’ve got your…

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