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Tushar is founder of Xtendedview. He love to experiments on different gadgets, software/apps. He is professional blogger and Internet marketer. He is Interested in electronics and computers, Internet technology, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing. Running online business and Blogs

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Think out of box : How to browse internet through calculator

Here one thinking that you can say think out of Box. No doubt anyone will be interested to use the internet by using calculator when there are number of quality web browsers are available in the internet world just for free. Actually this is just to use the internet in something different manner that you…

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How to send free sms from Java, symbian, android, blackbarry, windows and more

Here is one of the best mobile phone application by which you can send SMS just for free. Recently the website http://jaxtrsms.com lunched this application. It has most efficient function of sending sms and i just looks like our normal inbox in mobile except JAVA version. It requires internet connectivity to your device and it…

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How to find which site using which wordpress plugin

  As we all know what is mean by wordpress plug-in and why they are useful. Plugins are used to add some extra function to the wordpress self hosted site. You can browse several plugins from official wordpress directory                          http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/   Why to find which site using which plugin ? wordpress plugin   Well it may…

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Write/Type in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or any language n facebook or anywhere you want

All people are not born with English as their mother tong and wanted to write there love ones and friends in their regional language. Here i am going to share a simplest possible method to write in your regional language like Marathi, Hindi or any  We are going to use a small software created by …

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Procedure to integrate/enable Windows live writer to your wordpress site to write posts from your desktop

Hi here we are going to discuss the exact procedure to enable/ integrate Windows live writer to your wordpress blog. Windows live blog is one of the best writing software chosen by many writer worldwide.   What are the advantages of writing posts via W-live writer :     HTML Editing: This writer supports HTML editing…

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