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Tushar is founder of Xtendedview. He love to experiments on different gadgets, software/apps. He is professional blogger and Internet marketer. He is Interested in electronics and computers, Internet technology, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing. Running online business and Blogs

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Simplest way to move your wp-config.php file to another location in WordPress for security

Protecting your WordPress website from hackers is very essential in day to day world because hackers are increasing now. Thousands of WordPress blogs get hacked daily due to poor security and hosting company issues. Img: credit What is wp-config.php?   WordPress is just an operating system very similar our famous window operating system. As in…

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Best 8 Android apps by which you can send free SMS from phone

In day to day life sending SMS is very essential. But the main problem is that high cost. Especially when the person opposite to you ask anything to you by sending SMS then you much have to send reply message. Suppose you are sending such a message in bulk then you must have to consider…

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Where and How to download windows 8 from official Microsoft website

Windows 8 is revised version of Windows 7 developed by Microsoft. Developer preview version officially announced by Microsoft on 13- Sept- 2011. Actually the new version is announced by Microsoft’s CEO in 23- May – 2011. Short listed new features in windows 8: More security. Fast booting than all previous versions. Built in USB 3.0…

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5 reasons that you should avoid Irritating fb, twitter pop-ups on you website

Now every website owner wants to promote his website through social networking sites and from email subscriptions. In this topic we will discuss why we should avoid such pop ups on your website. What are that pop ups? Pop ups are the new windows which appears on the front of web browser which use certain…

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Why and How to change your FeedBurner feeds delivering email address

FeedBurner is a web base feed management service delivering the feeds for blogs since 2004. It is first used for Google BlogSpot blogs now it can be use for any website. Here we are going to discuss about why and how to change the Feedburner feed delivering email address. [stextbox id=”info”]First we will see the…

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From where to get all extra accessories for Aakash Tablet

We have recently posted about how to connect the keyboard to Aakash tab. Now we will see how to get these accessories for the Aakash Tablet. There are three main extra optional accessories available for Aakash Tablet. They are not given as free. You have to purchase it from the website.The question rises from where to get…

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