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Tushar is founder of Xtendedview. He love to experiments on different gadgets, software/apps. He is professional blogger and Internet marketer. He is Interested in electronics and computers, Internet technology, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing. Running online business and Blogs

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Top 10 reasons to not buy Aakash Tablet must read

Hi all students especially those who get excited just after reading news about Aakash Tablet. Today I am going to discuss some of the important fact about DataWind’s Aakash Tablet. Few days ago Indian TV channels showing news about Indian government is going to launch new tablet especially for students. The most important cause of…

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Step by step procedure to enable Facebook Marathi language as primary language

   As 5 days ago  Facebook announce Marathi language officially in the facebook. Facebook is most popular social networking site in the world. Many facebook users not only from Maharashtra-India but also from the USA and most popular countries in the world are Marathi facebook users. There are so many pools alive on facebook for…

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Step by step procedure to add Breadcrumb (page navigation) to alltuts theme wordpress

Breadcrumb is a page navigation either it is based on your blog categories or blog tags. Breadcrumb is a location based navigation it is present on this site too. See the above to post : This method as applicable for alltuts theme by site5 and we are using the same theme on this website. This…

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Edit comment form of your WordPress blog to remove website text box

Edit comment form of your WordPress blog and remove website text box to avoid spamming: When you are running a website or blog which is self hosted wordpress or even if it is free wordpress.com blog then you might have face many comments from spammers to make Backlink from your website also to advertise their…

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The easiest way to resolve security certificate error problem while browsing internet opera, IE, Firefox

This is the simple tutorial that I m going to explain here about how to avoid security certificate problem in all web browser like opera, Firefox, internet explorer, Google chrome. Once upon a time i repaired my motherboard from its authorized Gigabyte service centre because BOD problem and finally got repaired after than i just…

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Use Reliance mobile internet in cheapest way legally 2G 3G

The fact about reliance GSM service internet packs: Reliance GSM services in India is one of the best GSM service  which has dual technology are most preferred network services for using internet on your mobile phone and computer, laptops because of its browsing and downloading speed even with 2G services in those area which having reliance 3G services those people can…

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