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Tushar is founder of Xtendedview. He love to experiments on different gadgets, software/apps. He is professional blogger and Internet marketer. He is Interested in electronics and computers, Internet technology, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing. Running online business and Blogs

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5 Best Cartoon Making Software & Websites To Create Your Own Cartoon

There are some people who believe in brevity, which is about using less to convey more. We’ve always had different ways of representing the less-is-more philosophy, and Cartoons have been one of them for sure. It takes just a second to think about the actual brilliance of these things. You take a piece of paper,…

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Data Modelling And Their Database

With tech companies increasingly focusing on high-level functionality, scalability, and the capacity to work with huge amounts of data, robust digital architecture is absolutely paramount. The tech industry moves at breakneck speed, and companies can’t afford to take their eyes off the game. That means, of course, that companies need to be working with digital…

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Wix Releases a New Product for Programmers and Web Designers: Wix Code

If you ask professional digital marketers or professionals, most of them would discourage the idea of making use of an instant website builder. Their claim is simple: these website builders, including Wix, couldn’t offer many customization features. Despite all the in-page customization, creating a web app was a distant dream for those who used such…

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How To Use The Amazon Echo To Skyrocket Your Personal Productivity

I’m a personal productivity junkie. I’m always looking for new ways to organize and level up my life. So when I got my hands on an Amazon Echo a few years ago the first thing I did was to dig into the ways in which it could help me get more stuff done. As it…

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12 Apps Which will Boost your Productivity Several Folds

According to research an average person is productive for only about 3 hours in a 8 hour work day. So it is very likely that you too are losing 5 hours of precious time everyday. Wouldn’t it be great if you could catch up on this lost time? Well, according to research, this loss of…

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5 Must have Paid Applications for Mac

Awesome apps have a significant role in making Mac one of the most usable and lovable Operating Systems ever. Simply put, we cannot imagine Mac without all the bunches of superb apps you would find in App Store and elsewhere. Then, there are two types of Mac apps — free and paid. Once again, the…

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