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Review: Wondershare MobileTrans software

As all of you know, the world of Smartphone is currently having many running platforms nowadays, which also make a bit of confusion when we have to choose a Smartphone for your daily use. Actual problem is when you have to move from your Smartphone to another one that is using one different platform. For…

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New Android 4.4 version: KitKat is on the way

The whole tech world, including various rumour mills, was waiting for Google Android Key Lime Pie, which was expected to be the upcoming version of the open-sourced but Google-powered Mobile Operating system. Nevertheless, Google Inc has simply fooled you, by placing the statue of Android KitKat just before Google Head Quarters. Yes you heard us…

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15 Top and best Android apps for 2014

Before going to the actual content, let me ask you one question. Can you ever tolerate any of your Operating System with no proper software in it? If you’re a true Computer User, you won’t even think about it. Despite the fact is Operating Systems are the backbone of your PC/mobiles/tablets, you actually use them…

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Make your PHP coding easy with CodeLobster (Review)

While learning a Programming Language, the significance of an IDE is quite essential. Integrated Development Environment, commonly known as IDE will be familiar to you if you are either a programmer or a geek who loves to learn programming languages as a part of his geeky life. Rather than the basic Notepad application in your…

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